What Our Client't Say

Jeri Bartunek

“If your dream is to have a great website to showcase your business, with little stress or pressure, you want to hire Jeff. He is a recruiter specializing in all things web design and social media. He asks the right questions and translates your vision into reality you are proud of. First class first time”.

Richard C. Gay

“Jeff excels in web design, at a very affordable price,with all the bells and whistles! He provides great ideas to get you started and than tailors your site to achieve your objectives, layout, copy, graphics, etc.. He is also in the search/recruiting business and knows how to help you design a web page to achieve your internet presence and marketing objectives, This would include posting your job openings automatically to the social media sites. Plus he is a great communicator, fast, and will teach you how to maintain and maximize your marketing efforts through your web site.”

Mike McDonough

“Jeff Gipson has been and continues to be one of the best kept secrets in the web design space. Jeff is a recruiter and a web design expert that actually cares about the clients he services. This blend has been harder to find in a world where change continues. If you want a partner in the recruitment space who can help you generate great results; this is the expert you want leading this charge. High integrity and great results without breaking the budget- I highly recommend Jeff!”

Laura Hill

“Jeff created my website and I think he did a great job. Jeff is wonderful to deal with. He really listens to the client to make sure they are getting what they want in their website. I would definitely recommend him.”

Ed Ehrlich, CPCU, CIC

“Jeff Gipson is strongly recommended as a Web Designer and Social Networking / SEO / Marketing professional who delivers VALUE at a reasonable cost.

He is able to quickly determine the unique nature and “value proposition” of a recruiting-firm client and to drive the creation of Social Networking strategy to build visibility and revenue opportunities in a very competitive and fast-evolving marketplace.

Especially important is Jeff’s experience and commitment to the Recruiting Industry. I am thrilled to have Jeff and his firm as a partner in our future success!”

Fred Kaplan

“We value the service provided by Jeff and would be happy to discuss our experience with any interested party”

Chris Wellington

“Jeff Rocks! WHY won’t LinkedIn let me select all or add my own “Top Attributes?” If so I would select them all for Jeff, which is a lot given how detailed oriented I can be on projects! Jeff has done a great job a couple of times now for the Bio-Partners and working on a latest project for TWG-IT. Jeff is unique in that he knows what people are seeking and how they will respond, thus building custom sites based on this expertise. This includes the language and logo based on the all variables at work in recruiting. Since he has a background in recruiting, he is the first person you should think of when looking to put up a new site OR re-launching with a more modern feel, options and social media.”

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